Raindrop, Drop Top, Catch us on the Rooftop

Featured Story / March 10, 2017 / No Comments.


It might only be March, but we got spring weather on the brain. We’re over the après ski scene and the “hot cocktails.” Give us a frozen margarita or give us death! Or we could just go to any of these rooftop bars in NYC. That works too.

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5 Spring Beers to Drink This Spring

Beer / March 8, 2017 / No Comments.


Seasonal beers are great.

Picture yourself at a summer barbecue — you’re washing down grilled meats with a refreshing kolsch or fruit beer. In the fall, you’re tailgating with an Oktoberfest or pumpkin brew. A few months later, you toast the holidays with spiced winter warmers and stouts as dark as a December night.

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National Moscow Mule Day

Cocktails / March 3, 2017 / No Comments.

Just about everything seems to have a national day- ice cream, popcorn, margaritas- you name it. Except for the Moscow Mule. Invented in 1941 by Smirnoff, the Moscow Mule has been making a comeback in recent years.

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Beer & Girl Scout Cookies

Beer / March 1, 2017 / No Comments.


On my honor, I will try, to pair beer with my Girl Scout cookies.

The girl scots promote compassion, courage, confidence, and cookies.

If you’re lucky, around this time every year, a parent in your office puts one of those blessed cookie order forms in a communal area at work. And you, depending on how hungry you are at the time, order 2-25 boxes of Thin Mints, Samoas, and Peanut Butter Patties. (Don’t worry. If you missed the boat, or the parents of you office make their kids actually sell the cookies themselves, you can still order them here).

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The Definitive Ranking of Drinking Holidays

Featured Story / February 28, 2017 / No Comments.


Does this Tuesday make me look fat?

Today is Fat Tuesday, better known as Mardi Gras. Which got us thinking: where does Mardi Gras rank among the best drinking holidays of the year? We did some highly scientific calculations to find out.

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Guinness Gives Back

Beer / February 27, 2017 / No Comments.


St. Patrick’s Day is one of our favorite holiday. It gives us a great reason to celebrate what brings us together (drinking, that is). Guinness is synonymous with this day and it’s time to show that St. Patrick’s Day can bring out the best in all of us.

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Boozy Museums

Featured Story / February 25, 2017 / No Comments.


In the mood to do something fun this weekend? We found an awesome list of museums dedicated to the history of booze (shout out to Amy Zavatto’s article on Liquor.com).

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