5 Reasons to Drink This Weekend

5 Reasons To Drink This Weekend / December 23, 2016 / No Comments.


1) It’s Christmas! Most of you have a few days off. This means more time to drink. You’re holiday shopping is officially over. This weekend is a perfect time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. But let’s get real- sometimes family and friends can stress you out. A stiff cocktail will fix that.

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Top Rising Cocktails of 2016

Cocktail Corner / December 22, 2016 / No Comments.


As 2016 comes to an end (hallelujah), we decided to take a look at Google’s “Year in Search,” and see which cocktails were searched the most. Here are the Top 5 Rising Cocktail Searches in the US:

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Man Cave: Ghost Tequila

Man Cave / December 22, 2016 / No Comments.


This tequila is not for the faint of heart.

Introducing Ghost Tequila, the new spirit from Boston mixologist Chris Moran. “Ghost” is a mix of 100% agave tequila from Jalisco, Mexico and the insanely spicy Indian Ghost Pepper.

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Booze News Weekly

Booze News Weekly / December 21, 2016 / No Comments.


Worlds First Self Serving Beer Pump: We’ve all been there. Stuck in a packed bar, trying to make eye contact with the bartender and waiting for what feels like an eternity just to spend $12 on a weak drink. Well Barclaycard wants to put an end to it. The British credit card company just unveiled its prototype self-serve beer terminal at Henry’s Cafe and Bar in Piccadilly. Pay @ Pump allows patrons to streamline service, by paying and pouring their own beer in a bar. You just pick your drink, and touch your card to the base of the machine. Voila, cold beer in just 60 seconds.

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A History and A Recipe: Sangria

Wine / December 20, 2016 / No Comments.


Thank you Spain for inventing Sangria. And thank you United States for making it a national holiday. Which is today by the way. Hoping you and yours have a happy and safe Sangria Day.

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Booze Made With Beets: Would You Try It?

Cocktails / December 19, 2016 / No Comments.


“First rule in roadside beet sales: Put the most attractive beets on top. The ones that make you pull the car over and go, ‘Wow, I need this beet right now.’ Those are the money beets.” – Dwight Schrute

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