And The Best Booze Campaigns of All Time Are…

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According to us, these are the best booze campaigns of all time.

Gold: Dos Equis “The Most Interesting Man In The World” Campaign
The copy is *kisses fingers like an Italian chef* perfection. The grainy visuals are a thing of beauty. And the idea became a meme for God sakes. If that doesn’t scream “success” we don’t know what does.

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How To Make Wine Ice Cream at Home

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While you can’t beat a simple glass of red, there’s something so divine about wine ice cream. Our friends over at are bringing the best of both worlds together. Letting you enjoy your favorite flavors in a single bite. Unsurprisingly, this trendy scrumptious concoction has been causing a serious buzz. And while companies and retailers have begun to produce their own versions of wine ice cream, it’s also possible to make it right in your own home.

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Whisky vs. Whiskey

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The Drinking in America team is a huge fan of whisky… or is it whiskey? We’re here to settle the debate.

No matter how you spell it, whisky/ey is an umbrella term for a type of spirit distilled from a mash of fermented grains. And underneath that umbrella are a few sub-categories, including bourbon, rye, Tennessee, Scotch, Irish, and Canadian style whiskies. Each type of whisky/ey is guided and regulated by the government of the spirit’s country of origin. Each one is unique in production, taste and use.

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10 Reasons To Go To SUR

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Only one reason is booze related. As Kristen would say:

1) You might see Lisa Vanderpump! LISA! VANDER! PUMP!

2) You might see Giggy! The Gigster! He might be in a suit! It might match Ken’s!

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Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 9.38.53 AM

Things are about to get loco… Forget the Coke and Rum- Captain Morgan is changing the game this spring. The rum company is shaking up the shots category with Captain Morgan LocoNut. It’s the perfect shot to enjoy responsibly with friends, co-workers, bro-counts, fun in-laws, very friendly strangers and of course, any coconut lovers over the age of 21.

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Starbucks & Whiskey

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If you love Starbucks & whiskey, you need to make your way over to Seattle ASAP. For a limited time only, they will be offering two new specialty drinks and bags of coffee made from beans aged in whiskey barrels. *gasp* *Frantically searches for flights to Washington.*

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Spring Break Forever

Cocktails / March 23, 2017 / No Comments.


Remember the iconic scene of 2013’s Spring Breakers when James Franco’s character Alien, (possibly his most transformative role yet) stood on the beach and whispered  “Spring break, forever” as the warm Miami breeze went through his beaded cornrows? Whether those braids were real or fake we may never know, but there’s a bigger issue we’d like to address. Alien certainly was not on spring break, and sadly, neither are we. But hey, we get it, just because you aren’t on the warm sand beaches of Cancun doesn’t mean you can’t pretend you are, or at the very least drink like you are. Here are some Spring Break cocktails to drink when you aren’t on Spring Break but everyone else is.

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