Do Nothing, Get A Free Beer

Beer August 24, 2014 No Comments.

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We’ve heard there is no such thing as a free lunch, but no one ever said anything about a free beer. Amstel took to the streets of Bulgaria to set up their single installation, a vending machine called Amstel Pause. In the hopes of giving commuters a break from their busy day to clear their heads, the device requires you to do absolutely nothing. Seriously, do so much as take a phone call and no drink for you.

The concept is pretty simple: stand on the mat in front of the machine, press the start button and spend a total of 3 minutes doing nothing before being rewarded with a cold beer. Easy enough, right? Amstel introduced the vending machine by saying “If you can’t take a break on your own, Amstel Pause will help you out. Just rest for 3 minutes in front of the installation and get a free beer.” If you’re the type of person who needs an excuse for a break (or a drink) then there you have it.

The machine was accessible for 16 days in which an average of 84 people “earned” themselves a beer each day. Over 1,300 beers were dispensed and there was a total rest time of more than 67 hours. Not too shabby. You can check out a video of the vending action here. We just have one question, are we allowed more than one break?


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