MGD 64 Lemonade – So basically, it’s water?

Beer April 29, 2011 5 Comments.

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 We get the flavored beer trend and we don’t hate it. But what’s with all this 64 calorie nonsense? How is that even considered beer? We were hoping it would stop after the original MGD 64 (launched in the summer of 2008).

Available shortly in 6-pack bottles, 12-pack bottles and cans, this “beer” will be on the shelves until Labor Day.

Will you be embarrassed for the people you see drinking it?

  • Zander

    I don’t feel embarrassed. I just realize that sometimes Darwin was wrong.

  • Jess

    Yeah that doesn’t sound very tempting. Although I do like a good shandy.

  • chris m.

    The beer lemonade combo is fantastic – Summer shandy is a delicious beverage. Leinenkugel’s version even has it’s own facebook fan page:

    …but at 64 calories, I couldn’t be paid enough to taste this stuff.

  • Lisa

    It’s gross. I wasn’t expecting artificial sweetener, just a lemony beer. I was disappointed.

  • DIA

    Agreed, Summer Shandy is a delicious beverage but it’s the 64 calories we’re hesitant about.

    Lisa – thanks for the heads up.

    Cheers all.