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The marketing behind Brown-Forman’s new vodka isn’t subtle. Little Black Dress Vodka, which just hit shelves around the U.S., is made for women. Not convinced by the title alone? It comes in pineapple honey, blueberry pomegranate, and black cherry-vanilla flavors, as well as the classic version. Sounds like the brainstorming session for this one was at a TCBY. But we’re not complaining.


Little Black Dress retails for $13.99 — the price of a nice department store lipstick — and features a smoother taste profile than other vodkas on the market. No surprise that Brown-Forman is accessorizing, if you will, Little Black Dress with cocktail recipes that are relatively low in calorie content.


Pleasantly, it also supports Dress for Success—a non-profit organization that promotes career development for disadvantaged women by providing professional attire.


Are women falling for this? Well, yes. Brown-Forman had fast success with its Little Black Dress wine after introducing it roughly five years ago, though sold it off about a year ago.



3 thoughts on “Little Black Dress Vodka

  1. Flor

    I can not wait to purchase each bottle for my next event or gathering. Has it arrived to Houston, Texas?

  2. Gwen Brady-Babineaux

    Hi!!!!!!!! I am over the moon to have found this! I had no idea it existed!!! OMG! We are JUST starting a chapter of the famed Little Black Dress Club!!I live in Fairfield, CA (near Napa, CA) I have to plan a launch party in June 2013…I would LOVE to feature this vodka. Iwould like to order some right NOW and work with a reresentative about this event. Signature drink…I think SO! Where can I purchase t-shirts, flyers, stickers, magnets, anything…with my purchase would you send me items to romote???

    Gwen Brady-Babineaux, Director
    Little Black Dress Club, East Bay, CA

  3. DIA Post author

    Hi Gwen,

    Thank you so much for your comment, so happy that you’re excited about the product. Unfortunately we don’t work with the brand but we can give you the information that you’re looking for.

    On their website you can contact the brand about items that you may want to purchase for your event. According to their website LBD vodka is sold in several locations around Napa, CA

    Please let us know if there is any other information we can help with. Feel free to email us at Good luck with your event!


    DIA Team

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