I don’t hate flowers. I just love vodka.

So this Valentine’s Day, hold off on the trip to the florist and make me these vodka dipped strawberries:


- Rinse strawberries and soak in a jar of Godiva vodka for at least 24 hours

- Remove berries from jar and pat dry

- Dip berries into melted chocolate and let dry on wax paper

(white chocolate pictured but I prefer milk chocolate)





2 Responses to “I don’t hate flowers. I just love vodka.”

  1. Kimmi Says:

    These will be my Valentine’s Day gift to myself. Thanks DIA! :)

  2. Phil Says:

    WOW – I really dig this! One question: I’ve infused many vodkas, and 24 hours isn’t long at all. Does the vodka become overpowering to the fruit? I know it’s Godiva, so I imagine it being delicious:)

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