Cupcake Vodka

 Nice to know our dessert vodka poll isn’t that far fetched. Cupcake Vodka is now on the shelves.


Head winemaker for Cupcake Wine partnered with Doug Frost, a world-renowned spirits developer and Master Sommelier, to bring you Cupcake Vodka.


Launching with 4 flavors (Original, Frosting, Chiffon and Devil’s Food), Cupcake Vodka recommends recipes such as Apple Crumb Cupcake (1.5 oz Cupcake Original Vodka, 1.5oz Apple Cider, small piece of fresh skinned ginger, 1.5oz Ginger Ale, lime wedge & apple slice) and the Chocolate Chippy Cupcake (2.5oz Cupcake Devil’s Food Vodka, .5oz Godiva Liqueur, Hershey’s cocoa powder, powdered sugar).


Slightly more expensive than your Betty Crocker version, a 750ml bottle retails for $17. Curious to see how it will appear on bar cocktail menus. Topped with whipped cream, I hope (Alcoholic whipped cream preferably).


Turning this one over to you, drinkers of America – will you trade in the scrumptious baked good and enjoy cupcakes by the glass?

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  2. dustin chenault Says:

    HIRE ME!!!!!

  3. DIA Says:

    If you’re for real – email us.

  4. Becky Says:

    We just got this in today at the nearby store! I can’t wait to pick up a bottle and play with it to see what I can come up with! Sadly they banned the alcoholic whipped cream here so I can’t use that, but we have the Pinnacle whipped flavored vodka. I am already dreaming up tons of recipe’s, can’t wait to get some taste testers this weekend. I don’t drink a whole lot but I love to come up with things. (Hire me instead!!!)

  5. DIA Says:

    Becky, keep us posted on your creations. Whether it’s here, through email or on Twitter/Facebook. Would love to hear what you come up with.


  6. guinevere Says:

    If their vodka is anything like their wine, I am IN!

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