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Man Cave: Mountainsmith Cooler Tube

Beer / July 2, 2016 / No Comments.


Whether you’re going on a hike, picnic or hitting the beach, rarely are you going to want to drag your beer around in a big clunky backpack or a heavy ice-filled cooler. Instead, purchase yourself the Mountainsmith Cooler Tube.

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Man Cave: The BottleKeeper

Man Cave / June 27, 2016 / No Comments.


Do you ever find yourself rushing to finish your bottled beer on a summer day before it gets too warm to drink? Don’t you just wish there was something more advanced than your regular old koozie?

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Man Cave: Making Whiskey From Beer

Man Cave / June 20, 2016 / No Comments.


As we all know, Beer and Whiskey are both made from grains but one is fermented while the other is aged and distilled in barrels. But what if someone was to distill the beer before starting the fermentation process that brews go through?

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Man Cave: Craft Brewers Collaborate to make 1 Beer

Beer / June 13, 2016 / No Comments.


American Craft Beer Week is something to celebrate every year, as it is not only an event but has also become a movement. This past May, a beer was brewed and packaged with around 4,490 brewery names on the can. This brew consists of the same recipe that more than 100 craft breweries use.

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Man Cave: Edible 6 Pack Beer Rings

Beer / June 6, 2016 / No Comments.


There isn’t much to dislike about beer. It’s thirst quenching, flavorful, and some brands even have beautifully branded bottle/can labels. There really isn’t any way to go wrong with a beer – except for the plastic 6 pack rings that hold them together. You know what we’re talking about. This environmentally hazardous material is littered into our oceans, causing wildlife to choke on, ingest, and get caught in plastic 6 pack rings. But there is a solution…

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Man Cave: Dangerous Drinks

Man Cave / May 22, 2016 / No Comments.


The legal limit for an alcoholic drink is .6 oz. To give you some perspective, a typical shot is about 1.5 oz. That means your heavy poured Jack and Coke is well over the limit. But there are some drinks out there that would make your usual Friday night look like a visit to Grandma’s house.

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Man Cave: Rose In A Can

Man Cave / May 15, 2016 / No Comments.


Don’t worry guys; it’s still cool if we want to drink Rosé. In fact, it’s easier now than it ever has been. Mangrove Estates has a new canned Rosé called The Drop that lets us enjoy our favorite wine without worrying about breaking any glasses.

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Man Cave: Brooklyn Brewery’s New Look

Man Cave / May 9, 2016 / No Comments.


After 28 years, our friends at Brooklyn Brewery are giving their packaging a little update. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to pick it out at the packie. In fact – it’ll probably be easier to find.
To get their fresh look, the brewery turned to Milton Glaser who created the original logo back when they launched in 1987. He knows the values of the brand and respects that beautiful B we all know and love. With that in mind, he updated the packaging to create a cohesive and clean look that links all of the brews together on the shelf.
New breweries are popping up every day with crazy logos and labels. The old standbys need to stand out if they want to compete. The best way to do that is by following Brooklyn’s lead with eye-catching color…making great beer doesn’t hurt either.

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Man Cave: The Best Apps For Whiskey & Scotch Lovers

Man Cave / May 2, 2016 / No Comments.


If you love all things Scotch and Whisky, why not learn more about your favorite drink + new brands to buy right in the palm of your hand?

We present to you the top three apps for any Scotch, Whisky, Whiskey or Bourbon lover, whether you are in search for a new bar or on the hunt for a bottle buy, you can use these tools to build up your personal tasting list and keep track of your favorites.

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Man Cave: Monkey Shoulder Revamps The Konga Shaker

Cocktails / April 24, 2016 / No Comments.


In case you like your cocktails professionally stirred versus shaken then you will love William Grant & Sons-owned blended Scotch whisky brand Monkey Shoulder’s recreation of the 1930s Konga Shaker. The recreation will be a limited edition piece to be used in select bars across the UK

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