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Drinko de Mayo

Cocktails / May 4, 2017 / No Comments.


Today is Quatro de Mayo.

That statement may mean nothing to you but it means a whole lot to us. It means we’re just one day away from Cinco de Mayo (or Drinko de Mayo as we like to say), a beautiful day that starts with margaritas and ends with tequila. But let’s switch things up this year. Put down the margarita mix and make our top three favorite Mexican cocktails (via SimpleMost). Try one, or try all three, it’s a holiday after all.

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Cocktails / May 2, 2017 / No Comments.

That was supposed to be a drum roll. I hope you got drumroll from the title.

Either way. You’re here. Welcome.

That dramatic introduction was crafted with care in order to announce the Margarita of the Year.

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Loco Unicorn

Cocktails / April 27, 2017 / No Comments.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past week, you know Starbucks recently came out with a limited edition Unicorn Frappuccino. And everyone agreed it looked great but tasted like sh*t. And now they have the Unicorn Lemonade… Which also isn’t getting rave reviews.

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Top 10 Cocktail Garnishes, Ranked

Cocktails / April 26, 2017 / 2 Comments.


We’re about to get to the important business of ranking cocktail garnishes. But first, a few ground rules.

Rule #1: We’re talking about edible cocktail garnishes. We can debate the relative merits of cocktail umbrellas and those little plastic animals/choking hazards in your scorpion bowl another day.

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Drink Weed Every Day

Cocktails / April 18, 2017 / No Comments.

You’ve heard of cannabis brownies.

Cannabis gummy bears.

Even cannabis artisan chocolates.

And now, there are cannabis cocktails.

Since we’re not quite evolved enough (YET) to legally serve these concoctions at your local bar or restaurant, Seattle-based Craft Elixirs created small-batch cannibals syrups that contain local seasonal flavors, natural sweeteners, and your favorite strains of weed, so you can make a ganga-laced drink at home.

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More Like Easter Sunday Funday

Cocktails / April 12, 2017 / No Comments.


Things you might associate with Easter:

  • Going to church.
  • Big fancy hats.
  • A bunny.
  • Hunting for eggs. (“Jeez Dad, you really mailed it in this year, that egg is just sitting in the middle of the lawn.”)
  • Wondering what a bunny and eggs have to do with each other, or with anything, really.
  • Ham.

Things you probably don’t associate with Easter:

  • Drinking.

But while Easter isn’t a big drinking holiday, it is a holiday, and therefore you’re probably going to do some drankin’.

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Low Key Cocktails

Cocktails / April 6, 2017 / No Comments.


We love to drink. Drinking in America wouldn’t exist if we didn’t. But more often than not we find ourselves wanting to enjoy a good drink without the repercussion of having to drag ourselves to bed at the end of the night. Plus we needed some drinks to share with coworkers, in-laws, any other people we’d rather not get intoxicated off one drink in front of. So in hopes of future drinking without any regrets, here are some of our favorite low-key, low-alcohol content cocktails. Drink up.

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Spring Break Forever

Cocktails / March 23, 2017 / No Comments.


Remember the iconic scene of 2013’s Spring Breakers when James Franco’s character Alien, (possibly his most transformative role yet) stood on the beach and whispered  “Spring break, forever” as the warm Miami breeze went through his beaded cornrows? Whether those braids were real or fake we may never know, but there’s a bigger issue we’d like to address. Alien certainly was not on spring break, and sadly, neither are we. But hey, we get it, just because you aren’t on the warm sand beaches of Cancun doesn’t mean you can’t pretend you are, or at the very least drink like you are. Here are some Spring Break cocktails to drink when you aren’t on Spring Break but everyone else is.

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