4 Creepiest Vodka Bottles

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With so many spirits out there, of course they’re not all going to taste good. Luckily, some of them look cool, instead, and in this case – creepy. Once you’re done drinking, you can proudly display them in your home like the works of art that they are, or freak people out by hiding them in someone else’s house.


Frozen Ghost Vodka

Frozen Ghost Vodka


Complete with a creepy back-story, this vodka bottle makes it look like there is a scary-ass-shadow-man-ghost trapped inside. You may not want to drink it alone, beware.


Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka


If you’ve ever had the strange desire to drink vodka from a glass skull, you’re in luck. This is Dan Aykroyd’s liquor brand, so just like him, the concept is… interesting. The skulls are based on an archaeological mystery of 13 crystal heads that were found around the world. Don’t worry – they’re supposed to represent life, not death.


Tommy Guns Vodka



This is a weird one (if Crystal Skulls weren’t odd enough already). Vodka, that looks like a glass gun. The whole brand is Roaring 20’s themed and pays tribute to characters from the era like Al Capone.


7 Samurai Vodka



This bottle has an artistic and elegant quality that we love. It gives the appearance that it used to be a normal, sleek bottle of vodka that was ultimately sliced across the middle by a Samurai sword. We have no clue how they made that happen, but it works.

3 thoughts on “4 Creepiest Vodka Bottles

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  3. Lafon

    Would love to be able to purchased something like this or even better a bottle shaped like a women’s body , my friend would love it

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