It’s hard to be a model citizen when it comes to recycling and being environmentally conscious. Luckily, bars are making it easier for us to keep Mother Earth going strong just a little bit longer.

More and more establishments are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint with every drink that they make. One major strategy is using less ice. Think of how much frozen water gets dumped down the drain every time someone orders a drink straight up. By premixing cocktails and refrigerating them, bars are able to serve you cold drinks without wasting cubes.

They’re also paying more attention to what their drinks are served in. Martini glasses look cool, but they take up a lot of space in the dishwasher. This means more water and energy are being used to clean less glasses. So bars are staring to replace them with more efficient, traditionally shaped options. Bars are furthering their efforts by reusing ingredients, like mint leaves used for mojitos, to infuse in alcohol. Even lemon and lime peels can find new life as flavored syrups or preserves instead of just floating to the bottom of the trash barrel.

If you can’t find an environmentally friendly bar around you, then go ahead and take matters into your own hands. Here are a few ideas to up your game at your home bar without being wasteful:

Hot Spiced Cider: Make this with organic apple juice and whiskey from your favorite nearby distillery.

Rosemary Gin Fizz: Use rosemary simple syrup, club soda and a local gin to make this one. A splash of fresh lemon juice and a rosemary sprig for garnish will take it one step further.

White Sangria: Look for a dry, organic wine and some in-season pomegranates to mix with club soda and organic cane sugar.

Then enjoy each of them with a clear conscience.