Ask any Philly resident what the best beer in the world is and you’ll only get one answer – Yuengling. The iconic lager has been gaining a reputation for decades so it behooves us why it’s not easier to come by. Thanks to the beer gods, that’s about to change.

The oldest American brewery in existence, Yuengling has been making delicious beer since the 1870s. Most famous for their Traditional Amber Lager, Yuengling was distributing to mass markets until the mid 1990s. Demand for the beer began to exceed the family owned and operated brewery so they made the painful (for us) decision to pull beer from markets outside of the local Pennsylvania area. While all of us non-PA residents mourned our loss, Yuengling was slowly building on their capacity to make a comeback.

All of the hard work has paid off and we’re about to see more Yuengling on the shelves. Well at least in the Northeast. Following a successful launch in Massachusetts earlier this year, Yuengling will soon be expanded to Rhode Island, Connecticut and the rest of MA. That brings their distribution total to seventeen eastern states plus Washington, DC. All you Northeastern drinkers got lucky with this one.

No news on just how far this Yuengling comeback will spread but we’re excited to be able to order it outside of it’s native state. Just like old times.