We all know that brunch just wouldn’t be as much fun without a cocktail, and contrary to popular belief, we strongly believe it’s never too early to start boozing! However for the select few of us who like to take it easy before 10AM, but still crave the delicious taste of their favorite brew we’d like to introduce to you, The Beer Syrup Company. Over in Louisville bartender Russ Meredith experienced a stoke of genius, launching a kick-starter for his line of Beer Syrup. You read that right, syrup, the pancake kind, made out of beer!

Now this delicious concoction is not only for breakfast purposes, it’s supposedly ideal for glazing chicken wings, pouring over ice cream and mixing into craft cocktails. The Beer Syrup Company is currently offering a variety of three flavors including Mocha Porter, Pecan Nut Brown and Bourbon Barrel Stout, all of which sound delicious. The only minor downside to the simple syrup is that they’re non-alcoholic, so you wont be getting much of a buzz after enjoying your morning waffles. However, we still recommend supporting their kickstarter, because why not flavor everything we possibly can with a little bit of beer!