rs_560x277-140225111203-1024.girl-scout-cookie-quiz-widget-022514[2]Everyone has a favorite Girl Scout cookie. What you don’t know is, depending on your sweet treat of choice, there is a wildly accurate correlating drinking personality. What’s yours?

Thin Mints:

Like the cookie, your drinking personality is as easy as it is fresh. Friends consider you likable boozing buddy, a real people pleaser if you will. Still, you’ve got some grit to you; you’ve seen some real shit you may not come back from. Still, you’re drink of choice is as timeless as this age-old cookie.

Drinks you’ll most enjoy:

  • Old fashioned
  • Mojito

Samoas (Caramel DeLites):

At home or at the bar, you’re considered an old soul. You’ve always been bold and have never been afraid to show your stripes. This trait can sometimes rub some people the wrong way, but those who like you, like you a whole lot. And when you order a drink at the bar, people clear a path for you to make your way.

Drinks you’ll most enjoy:

  • Piña Colada
  • Coconut Margarita

Trefoils (shortbread):

Netflix and your couch are your two saving graces. Your weekends are usually low key and you normally find yourself safe and snoozing under your comforter by a respectable 9:00 pm. When you’re not drinking your coffee black, you’re ordering a basic, yet adequate, boozy beverage.

Drinks you’ll most enjoy:

  • Vodka on the rocks
  • Bud Light

Do-si-dos (peanut butter sandwich):

Poe, Twain, Fitzgerald – you’re obviously a fan of the classics if this is your cookie of choice. When in large groups, you often leave a lasting impression, just like the pieces of peanut butter shortbread that get stuck in your teeth for a century after taking a bite.

Drinks you’ll most enjoy:

  • Tequila shots
  • Any heavy IPA

Tagalongs (Peanut Butter Patties):

Like Shrek, you’re one layered individual. You may have a hard shell on the surface but once those around you dig deeper, they realize you’re truly soft and sensitive on the inside. Still, you’ve got a little bit of crunch, so people know not to cross you. You’re traditionally indecisive when ordering a drink, but after several minutes you always come to a well thought out conclusion.

Drinks you’ll most enjoy:

  • Long Island Iced Tea
  • Dirty Martini


You’re kind and sweet, but with a kick. Never afraid to speak your mind, you gain others’ admiration with your daring candidness. You’re an optimist, usually thriving most in the summer heat when

Drinks you’ll most enjoy:

  • Screwdriver
  • Lemon drop


Whether it be a different, delicious delicacy or a new language, you’re always open to trying new things. Most classify you as eager and versatile, as you are always willing to try new things.

Drinks you’ll most enjoy:

  • Pisco Sour
  • Black Russian