Just like everyone has an alter ego when they drink, they also have a spirit animal. To really get in touch with said spirit animal, we’ve put together a list of drinks that will help you really showcase your animalistic side once you’ve had a couple rounds.

Moscow Mule

For those of you who have been called a jacka$$ one too many times, this is the drink for you. That copper mug it’s always served in will add a touch of class and authenticity– just don’t let the vodka get to your head and make you say something that will offend that girl who finally agreed to grab drinks with you.

Flaming Giraffe

If you’ve ever been called a giraffe because your of height or exceptionally long neck, please stand up. This drink, made with Kahlua, butterscotch schnapps and 151 proof rum, is just want you need for a little liquid courage to silence those middle school bullies.

Tiger Paw


You are fierce, you are sassy, and you are king of the jungle. A perfect blend, just like this cocktail (citrus vodka, lemon juice, sugar, ice and orange soda). Just don’t put your own paw in your mouth when you have a couple of these.

Pink Squirrel

Honestly, if your spirit animal is a squirrel, then we’re not really sure what the heck you’re doing with your life. Maybe you’re a hoarder? Or you’re just cute but sneaky. Or maybe you just really like nuts… Whatever the reason, you’re original and deserve a drink equally as original as this one (made with creme de noyaux, white creme de cacao, and light cream).

Rooster Tail

You rule the roost. You’re a leader and you aren’t afraid to say it. And the only thing more aggressive than a rooster crowing at the a**crack of dawn? Ripping down these three shots of gold tequila, orange juice, tomato juice in a row. Don’t forget to finish it off with a lick of salt.

Funky Monkey

You are, quite literally, a funky monkey. The fun one of the group. But try and stay away from any funny business while drinking this concoction, which includes rum, creme de bananes, dark creme de cacao, coconut milk, banana (obviously) and coconut flakes.