cool bar in London

In a secret entrance underneath London’s Convent Garden lies the BYOC Bar that promises a unique experience. Typically we stick to writing about American bars, but this one was too cool to pass up. BYOC stands for ‘bring your own cocktail,’ but just because the bar doesn’t stock alcohol doesn’t mean that they don’t support drinking (otherwise we wouldn’t be interested).


How It Works:

Show up to the bar with a bottle (or three) of your favorite liquor. A mixologist, aka bartender, will come over to your table and you will engage in a little Q&A session so he can determine your taste preferences. Then a trolley, sort of like a bar on wheels, that is supplied with syrups, juices, spices, herbs and whatever else you can imagine, will roll up to your table so your drink can be made right in front of you. It’s £20 per person, which gets you a table for two hours, and all of the extra ingredients that make up your drink.


You’re not going to find any vodka soda’s here. Every mix is original and personalized, so you won’t see the same drink twice. We also suggest becoming friends with your neighboring tables, so you can swap spirits and get more variety.


With candlelit tables and a jazz playing in the background, BYOC makes you feel like you’ve been transported back to a speakeasy during prohibition. The reservations fill up weeks in advance, so make sure to book your table early.


If this concept came to the U.S. would you make a reservation?