tumblr_mt6pzj56oc1r9quzuo1_500Whether you’re escaping snow or finding relief from unseasonably warm temperatures, you can’t go wrong with a trip to the movies this weekend. With three big names hitting the screen, the one you choose says a lot about you. Lucky for you, we know exactly which pregame cocktails will have you giving your movie going experience two thumbs up.

Zoolander 2:
If you’re rushing out to see this long awaited sequel, you’re a fan of the classics. You appreciate the finer things in life like a movie quote flawlessly inserted into conversation. You love an Orange Mocha Frappuccino in the morning, but look to something a little stronger once the sun goes down. Your best bet before the movie? An Old Fashioned or straight whiskey. It’ll give you just enough buzz to make the jokes extra funny and if you aren’t used to drinking it, your first sip will result in an involuntary Blue Steel look.

How To Be Single:
If you’re rounding up the girls to watch this new comedy, you’re in for a good time. Get ready to let off some steam after a long week and dramatically roll your eyes at anyone that tries to stop you. Your drink menu is tequila shots followed by more tequila shots. Because let’s face it: you’ve known how to be single for a while now.

This month’s superhero flick promises action, laughs and a lot of Ryan Reynolds. This audience is filled with adrenaline seekers who aren’t shy about their sense of humor. Head to the theater early and order strong that makes you smile when you say it, like a Fuzzy Navel or Redheaded Slut. They’ll know you’re here to party.