maxresdefaultenhanced-24531-1445980472-4You can drink cocktail, and you can dress like it too! It’s 2016 and the Halloween costume category is over saturated. A superhero? Sia? Britney Spears circa 2007? Or a mouse? Steve Jobs? An actual iPhone? They’ve all been done. If you’re going out multiple nights this Halloween (which we are), you know you’re going to need to start brainstorming now.

Why not pay tribute to the liquid magic that is going to make the night so memorable? Or not memorable at all? Here’s a list of our ideas for the ‘BOOS’-iest cocktail costumes on the market.

  • Corona and Lime
  • Jack n’ Coke (2 person)
  • Tequila, Lime, Salt (3 person)
  • Jager Bomb (Redbull & Jager)
  • Bud Light (extra points for a Buzz Lightyear combo)
  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Franzia (box or bag?)
  • Fireball

Let the costume creation begin!