Tropix liqueur

X-rated Fusion Liqueur is known for it’s pink color and fruity flavor. A favorite amongst females who prefer the flavor of watermelon to the flavor of whiskey, X-Rated is branching out and welcoming a new fruity liqueur to it’s collection.


Tropix debuted this month as the newest member of the X-Rated family. The liqueur has a French vodka base with coconut and pineapple flavors, giving it a bright yellow color. Think limoncello color on steroids. With only 81 calories per shot, X-Rated is aiming Tropix at the female crowd (aka Skinnygirl lovers). In addition to you enjoying it at home, Tropix would like the liqueur to start showing up in bars as well. Honestly, we don’t know any respectable bartender that would serve it.


Tropix rolled out this month and should be showing up on shelves soon. The bottles will cost you $24.99 each. Would you drink it? Let us know below.