national junk food day

It’s National Junk Food Day. We like to believe this is our free pass to eat like pigs for the entire day, but while we do that, we also want to make sure we have some great drinks as well. Alcohol connoisseurs love to tell people what pairs well with things like cheese and fruit, but what about candy? Or nachos? Or pizza? Junk food lovers like pairings, too.


Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered today. Here are some junk food/alcohol pairings that are sure to make your National Junk Food Day one to remember.


Popcorn and Chardonnay

This pairing is a classic and we’re surprised that more people don’t know about it. Buttered popcorn will bring out the chardonnay’s buttery flavor, while unbuttered popcorn will play to chardonnay’s toastier side.


Burger and a Lightly Hopped Pale Ale

Burgers and beer naturally go together, but not every beer is created equal in bringing out a burger’s flavors. A lightly hopped pale ale is not so light that the burger overtakes the flavor, but it’s not so heavy that it’s just too much.


Bacon and Bourbon

That sounds like a great name for a restaurant, doesn’t it? Bourbon’s smoky flavor was just born to be enjoyed with a big ole’ plate of bacon. Also delicious with bacon: barbequed anything.


Pizza and Red Wine

We’ve read a lot of conflicting opinions as to what type of red wine, but it is clear that most sommeliers agree that red is pizza’s best friend. It will depend on your toppings and other ingredients, but we think a light Italian red wine is a good bet for whichever pizza you order.