friesTo compete with the the ever-expanding gourmet burger shops, McDonald’s is planning to offer draft beer in one of their South Korea locations.

They’re hoping that the new menu item helps to draw the younger crowd back into their Super Sized clutches. The drinking age in South Korea is 19, so it sounds like a pretty good idea. That is until you learn that each customer is only allowed one beer per burger. And classic cheeseburgers don’t even count! You need to order one of their ‘Signature Burgers’ if you want a sip of the good stuff.

So getting drunk at McDonald’s in South Korea isn’t exactly on the table. But then again, South Koreans average about 14 shots of alcohol per week, so even if the drink limit were higher they’d still probably need a little pregame to get a buzz going with their chicken nuggets.

Now that Asia is joining Europe in the beer at McD’s trend, it’s just a matter of time before the rest of us get a taste.