Whether you classify yourself as a heavy drinker or a lightweight, there’s one thing we know will make you cringe: an empty glass. And that’s why Internet users have created the now marginally excepted term cenosillicaphobia: the fear of an empty glass. While the word’s origin is questionable, it expresses a real fear that plagues homes and bars alike.

Amidst the cries for acceptance from drinkers around the world, experts in Greek have yet to acknowledge this fear as a valid phobia. Challengers say it’s spelt wrong, and others say it’s just not legitimate. But no matter what the circumstance, we always try to keep our glasses full, and encourage you to do the same. Urban legend or not, we can all relate.

This phenomenon also seems to be manifesting itself into bar menus and happy hour specials. So next time you’re at the bar, whip out this fancy term and just maybe you can sway your bartender into hooking you up with the bottomless glass special. You’re welcome.