JWTbarsWe’ve all had one (or more…) of those jobs where you’d sell your left arm to have a drink while you work. Unfortunately, you can’t all work at Drinking in America (suckers!), so aside from us, we’ve found some other workplaces that support their employees who like to throw back a few cold ones.



Yelp does not just allow you to drink beer – they have a fancy little contraption called the “Kegmate.” Since we aren’t engineers, we will explain it in the most basic terms: there’s a keg in a fridge, the tap is on top of the fridge and there’s an iPad attached. If an employee at Yelp wants to drink, they scan their employee card to login and then pour their beer. They can rate the beer, see the temperature and then scope out a leaderboard of all their co-workers and how much they are drinking.


Advance Medical

This healthcare staffing company in Florida has a special little perk called “Beer Cart Fridays.” The CEO rolls out her beer cart every Friday and lets employees grab a beer. She said the goal isn’t to promote drinking, but to let employees know they’re appreciated.



Does this really surprise you? We always hear about how cool the Facebook campus is, so it’s only natural that they support on-the-job drinking. This goes beyond a fridge stocked with beer, though – Facebook has five different bars at their corporate headquarters. Those bars are fully stocked with alcohol and beers on tap and individual teams are in charge of the booze and hosting happy hours.


J. Walter Thompson

J. Walter Thompson is a marketing communications agency and their New York headquarters is truly something to behold. Their 50-foot-long bar with pedestal stools looks more like a chic nightclub than a casual drinking hang-out. A spokesperson for the company says the bar is “frequently accessed”…uh duh, we’d hope so.