Thanks to April Storey there is a whole new crowd of wine lovers who are looking to get in shape. Just last week, in honor of National Drink Wine Day, April released her second wine workout video in which she shows fellow drinkers how to kill two birds with one stone.

Over 25 million people have viewed Storey ‘s workout videos, in which she uses full wine bottles as literal hand weights and full glasses of red wine as incentive. She plays it up even further for her audience by sporting a workout top, which reads “Will Run For Wine” – where can we get one of those?

Now for the real kicker, Storey also enjoys red wine during her workouts. To reward herself between pushups or lunges she will take quick sips out of her glass, refueling for the next set of exercises. We have to say that we don’t recommend drinking the entire bottle and becoming intoxicated during a workout, considering that sprained ankles and shattered glass bottles are not ideal. Check out Storey’s most recent workout video for a little #Fitspo, because bikini season is right around the corner!