Guess what? There’s a new study that explains why we love to drink so much. You see… it’s really not our fault. It’s just that we work SO hard during the day that we have no choice but to drown our sorrows in wine and liquor. And now science agrees.

The study was done by people in Britain, which means the findings were presented with an accent. And you can’t argue with that.

They defined risky drinking as 3 drinks a day for men and 2 drinks a day for women. After studying 330,000 people it was clear that once the professionals reached about 48 hours of work per week, their bottles emptied and their glasses filled. While the findings were meant to address a drinking problem that needs solving, we chose to take it as an excuse for our habit. Next time your family criticizes you for drinking too much, you’ve got a pretty good excuse in your pocket (right next to your flask).