At a recent “function,” we overheard someone use the word “boozes.” Not as a verb; as the plural form of “booze.”

Some snickered. Others could care less. We hit the dictionary.

“Boozes” is not the plural form of “booze.” If you’re going to drink it, you may as well know this. Especially, if you happen to be spirits smart and grammar dumb. Ordering “boozes” for your friends could seriously dent your street cred.

As for grammatical usage, “booze” is singular and uncountable, and thus requires an “is.”

You don’t say, “Booze are interesting and enjoyable.”

You say, “Booze is interesting and enjoyable.”

Like most other beverages — water, juice, milk — booze always takes a singular verb.

If you can’t count it, it can’t be plural. Period. End of story.

Please note: This article was originally posted on 10/24/11 and updated on 2/14/23.