If you were smart, you saved up your vacation days for a nice staycation to finish out the year. Now it’s time to wear sweatpants every day and watch so much television that your mental health is called in to question. Here are some tips for a safe and successful winter hibernation:

Plan Ahead: Don’t waste your hard earned vacation time scrolling through Netflix suggestions. Decide on the shows you want to watch ahead of time and be sure to have back ups on different streaming sites just incase of a glitch.

Grocery Shop: Make one trip for the week before you fall too deep into your couch cushions. There’s nothing worse than having to put on some shoes to go to the store because you realize you don’t have milk for the mac & cheese.

Layer Up: A true hibernation expert knows it’s all about sleep. The best way to get some mid-day shut eye is to pile up the pillows and get cozy under your favorite blanket.

Make No Promises: Don’t commit to plans with friends or family. The day will come when you don’t want to take a shower to attend a dinner reservation and then you’ll be stuck lying to get out of it. Don’t be a disappointment to those that love you. Plans that are never made don’t have to be cancelled.