giphy-1Do you love going to vineyards and exploring the history, as well as the process of winemaking? If the answer is yes and you find yourself in any of these parts of the world, we would highly recommend you stop and visit these places:

1st on our list is Napa and Sonoma, California. There are more than 400 wineries in Napa and around 200 in Sonoma. The wines that these places produce are fruity and good-bodied and carry Chardonnay and Zifandel. They also carry some of the best Champagne styled wines besides France. When you stop by in Napa be sure to see the attraction called Old Faithful, which blows steaming water into the air every 30-50 minutes.

2nd we have Cape Town, South Africa. There are three popular wine trails here called Paarl, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. The Cape has been winemaking since the late 17th century and their wines were use as an antidote to scurvy from the long sea voyages. There is also a wine tram in Franschhoek that provides a “hop-on and hop-off” easy system. We like the sound of that…

For the 3rd place on our list, we cannot forget France, specifically the Route Des Vins. It’s a self-driven wine trail and takes a few days to explore the full route. On this excursion you will be going under tethered vines and passing villages with medieval gates. While wandering about on this wine trail, you will also come into contact with multiple castles that overlook these vineyards.

4th but certainly not the least on our list is Vayots Dzor, Armenia. As the Bible claims, Armenia was the first winemaking region in the world as Noah had planted the first vine after the flood here. Archaeologists have even agreed about the timeline, as they found a 6,100 year-old winery here. The variety of winemaking here has not been changed for centuries. The majority of tours bring you towards the Areni Noir, which is an incomparable red wine that helped put Armenia on the map in 2012.

There are plenty more trails to take on – you can check them out here