giphySomehow, November is already almost over and Thanksgiving is next week. This means relatives galore. There’s nothing worse than getting corned into discussing weird video games with your odd second cousin (How are you even related?) or even worse, getting stuck sitting next to your loud, racist uncle during mealtime. Let’s keep the conversation light shall we?

There’s one thing that every 21+ family member does enjoy and that’s wine. What better way to steer the dinner table conversation away from politics than to chat about your new favorite bottle wine that you so graciously brought.

Finding a new, delicious wine that everyone will enjoy can be difficult though. No one wants to buy a bottle that they’ve never tried before just to end up hating it and pouring it out.

The solution? Wine clubs! There are dozens to choose from, differing on experience, price, customer service and usability. Sounds a little overwhelming doesn’t it? Don’t fret- has your back. They did all the hard work for you. They ordered, tasted and tested the top wine clubs out there for both novice and adventurous drinkers. Check it out here.

Everyone at the table will be thankful for your expert wine selection skills.