winepizzaSome days, we don’t feel all that fancy. During those times we’d like nothing more than to curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and order some tasty takeout food. Still, mixing and matching your dinner delivery with the ideal drink can be a problematic process—that’s where VinePair comes in handy. The website contains two practical food and wine pairing sections, one specifically for pizza and another for general takeout selections.

Say you plan on ordering a pizza. Simply navigate to VinePair’s Wine & Pizza Pairing App, enter your toppings (with options from asparagus to ziti) and wine preference (white or red), and the app will generate an answer for you. It will also explain why the suggested wine pairs nicely with your food, which is awesome. Even if you’re not into pizza, VinePair also offers an alternative app with a variety of different takeout meals to pick from. From Indian curry to buffalo wings, VinePair will create a complimentary combination.

So next time you find yourself ordering in, don’t just befriend any booze—consult VinePair and turn your takeout into a tasteful time.

Check it out:

VinePair Wine & Pizza Pairing App

VinePair Wine & Takeout Food Pairing App