It’s wine festival season which means you’re either sophisticated and educating yourself about new tastes or spending the evening in the bathroom reminding yourself that you aren’t in college anymore. A day of drinking can be dangerous if you don’t have the right plan of attack. Here are a few keys to making the most of your wine festival experience:

Eat right before you go
Any good wine festival will have snacks and treats to pick on throughout, but if you aren’t starting off with a strong base you’re out before you even start.

Drink more water than wine. Sure you’ll probably have to hit the bathroom a few times, but it’s better than nursing that wine headache the next day.

Put some method to your madness. Start with white wines, then reds, then sparkling. Reach for the sweet ones before hitting the full-bodied. Trust us.

You don’t have to drink everything they pour you. If you don’t like something, spit it out. Even if you love one of the wines you don’t have to drink your whole glass. Write down the name of the bottle so you can enjoy it later sitting on your couch.

Designated Driver
Even if you’re keeping it classy, make sure you have a dependable ride home when the festival closes down.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to fill your calendar with all of the wine festivals you want.