We’ve seen it all by now. Fruit, vegetable, even cereal-infused booze. Sometimes they’re delicious, other times they make you wish you never strayed from a good, old-fashioned Budweiser. The most recent player in this ever-changing landscape is Chef Kristof Marrannes from Belgium.

Enter: Lobstar

It’s a gin made by soaking full lobsters in pure booze for 2 days, heating it up, then adding in some gin. Chef Kristof worried that there was no great cocktail to pair with his seafood dishes, so he made one. I guess that’s one way to solve the problem. We probably would have just settled with a cheap white wine. He suggests pairing the gin with a very bland tonic to allow for the sweet lobster taste and aroma to really shine through.

Is it weird? Absolutely. Fish-haters will be far from the check-out line as it releases this month. Even the thought of it kind of puts a weird taste in your mouth. But it’s 2015, and this is what we do now.