WildTurkeyWild Turkey has been a major player in the U.S. whiskey world for quite a while, so we are looking forward to trying their newest creation: Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey (say that 5 times fast…).


The bourbon boasts a high proof of 110 and is special because it is made by bypassing the chill-filtration process. The chill-filtration is what happens when the whiskey is chilled at below-freezing temperatures and passed through an absorption filter – this removes fatty acids and other flavor contributors like esters and proteins. Because Russell’s Reserve forgoes this process, it’s bottled with more flavor compounds and a deeper color, which is denoted by an interesting haze when ice or chilled water is added.


Jimmy Russell and his son Eddie, the kings of Wild Turkey, hand select the best aged whiskey barrels from the center cut of the rick house, because that’s where optimal maturation happens. They use only the deepest number 4 or “alligator” charred American white oak barrels to ensure the richest flavor and color.


According to Wild Turkey, Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel “delivers a burst of intense vanilla and hints of burnt orange, along with tastes of licorice and anise seed, on the palate, culminating with a rich and long finish.” We would not be opposed to someone sending us a bottle so we can see for ourselves… hint hint.


Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel is available in 750ml bottles nationwide at specialist liquor stores and select bars/restaurants that specialize in fine whiskies. The liquor store price will be around $49.99.