Wild Turkey Forgiven

Accidents happen. Normally they turn out horribly but the latest mistake at the Wild Turkey distillery ended up a bourbon-whiskey masterpiece.


The accidental spirit was created when a crewmember at the Lawrenceburg, KY distillery dumped barrels of small batch bourbon into high proof whiskey. Master distiller Eddie Russell admits he wasn’t happy when he discovered the mistake mix but once he tasted it, “all was Forgiven.” Hence the name Wild Turkey Forgiven.


The hybrid spirit rings in at 78 percent six-year-old bourbon and 22 percent four-year-old rye whiskey. The mixing of alcohols gives it a sweet vanilla whiskey flavor that compliments the spice of the bourbon well. You’ll want to drink this one straight, not need to add anything else to the mix.


Obviously this was a one-time mistake so Forgiven will be a limited release spirit for Wild Turkey. It debuted at the end of August at $49 a bottle. But this is a mistake we want to try. Grab a bottle now while they last.