It’s that time of the evening, everyone’s had a second helping and the Christmas feast is wrapping up. All of your friends and family are slipping into a food coma but the holiday isn’t over just yet and there’s still a pile of gifts under the tree to exchange. We don’t believe in missing out on a second of Christmas, SO we are providing you with a few pick-me-up shot recipes that will perk up your crew and make it much easier to get excited when you open that new pair of argyle socks…

Happy Holidays!

The Baby Guinness Shot
½ oz of Kahlua Coffee Cream
½ oz of Baileys Irish Cream
Pour Kahlua, almost filling the shot glass, then carefully pour Baileys, using the side of the shot glass. This will give the “Guinness” its “head”.

Drunken Gingerbread Man
½ oz Baileys Irish Cream
½ oz Butterscotch Snaps
½ oz Goldschlager Cinnamon
Pour ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake and strain into a double shot glass.

3 Wise Men
Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey
Jim Beam Burbon Whiskey
Johnnie Walker Scotch Whiskey
Pour into a shot glass in equal parts.

Candy Cane Shot
½ oz Peppermint Schnapps
½ oz Rumple Minze Peppermint Liqueur
½ oz cream
½ oz grenadine
Pour ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake, and serve in a 2-oz shot glass. A drop of grenadine for color will do, too much will kill the taste.

Spiced Cake Batter Shot
1 oz Cake Flavored Vodka
1 oz Spiced Rum
½ oz Half & Half
1 oz Crème de Cacao
½ oz Cinnamon Schnapps
Stir ingredients in a mixing glass with ice, and strain into shot glass (Serves 4)