WhiskyTastingMany seasoned drinkers have been to a wine tasting or two, so they can fudge their way through the whole experience, but what about a whiskey tasting? As whiskey becomes more and more popular, we’ve seen tastings pop up everywhere. We want you to be psyched about going to these and not intimidated, so here are a few tips to help you look like a pro.


Although the word “tasting” implies that you’ll only be using your sense of taste, many of your senses will come into play.


Look at the color of the whiskey to tell you about the aging process. Whiskies begin as completely colorless, but when they are aged in different types of barrels, they acquire their unique color, complexity and flavor. Try this: hold your whiskey glass at an angle and rotate it. Hold it upright again and watch the liquid as it runs down the inside of the glass – the slower it moves, the older the whiskey.


Smell the whiskey as soon as it is poured into your glass. You will develop a keener sense of smell for the various aromas over time, but even if you’re not much of a whiskey drinker, trust your nose. You will be amazed at how many different scents can come from one glass – smokiness, fruit, wood, flowers, or possibly vanilla.


Taste the whiskey by taking a small sip. If you can, try to make your tongue into a small spoon shape and let the whiskey sit there for a moment. You’re going to experience many different flavors that feel like they keep changing. Some people have trouble recognizing all of the flavors simply because the drink is so alcoholic, so after that initial taste, add a bit of distilled water to the glass. This will bring out more of the whiskey’s aroma and lower the alcohol content a bit so you’re able to enjoy the experience a little more.


The most important thing to remember: drink what you like. There will always be the purists and snobs with opinions but trust your instincts. Also don’t chug the whiskey, sit back and enjoy it.