jim beam sold

We hope you’re already aware of the Suntory and Jim Beam drama that’s been going on. If not, here’s a refresher: Suntory Holdings Ltd, a major Japanese liquor corporation, wants to purchase Jim Beam to create the world’s third-largest premium spirits company. Their offer: $16 billion. That may sound like a boatload of money but apparently it’s not enough for some Beam shareholders.


The proposed acquisition was announced last week and sent some whiskey investors into a greedy tailspin. Since the announcement, two Beam shareholders have filed suits claiming that the deal is unfair to anyone investing in the brand. The first suit, filed in Illinois, calls for the whole deal to be nixed while the second claims that the price makes it impossible for competing offers to be made for the whiskey brand. Essentially, they’re looking for the best possible outcome for themselves. Genius or just plain selfish? We plead the fifth.


Naturally, Beam has denied any wrongdoing in the situation. Can you blame them? $16 billion is a hefty chunk of change that we probably wouldn’t deny either. Until the suits are settled, it doesn’t look like Beam will be sold to anyone, anytime soon.


Who would side with: Beam or their shareholders?