Its old news that vodka is going absolutely insane with their flavors, (still can’t quite believe there is now a fruit loops flavor), but whiskey is relatively new to the game. At DIA, we noticed flavored whiskies taking off last winter, but they’ve been gaining even more steam recently. 150% growth in a matter of months is crazy-talk, and some of the flavors might be surprising too.
We know that Firefly started a major trend with their Sweet Tea inspired Bourbon, and a lot of other brands are jumping on board and trying innovative things. Some of the flavors that have caught our eye are Maple, Ginger, Honey, Fiery Pepper, and of course the yummy sounding fruit and berry whiskeys.

We’ve heard some purists scoff at the idea and say that it ruins all of the good characteristics of the whiskey. While we see both sides of the story, we want to see just how funky these new flavors can get. What do you think?