Have you ever felt that your wine tasted different depending on where and when you drank it? Oxford University scientists and Spanish winery Campo Viejo are teaming up to conduct a study that could change the way we drink and label our wine.


Professor Charles Spence of Oxford found himself constantly frustrated after bringing wine back from vacation and finding it just didn’t taste the same. He was often shocked to find that the flavors he loved were completely different when he was drinking them at home, even though it was the same bottle. Spence’s continued disappointment let to a revolutionary study that could tell us if wine adapts to our surroundings (or if it’s all in our head).


The Oxford professor is determined to test his belief that wines consumed in rooms with neutral colors translate towards bland tasting. During the Street of Spain Festival, a “Colour Lab” will be set up where guests will rate and describe wines while being exposed to different rooms with unique colored lights and sounds.


If the study proves conclusive, this could change everything about how we shop and choose our wine. Spence has visions of wine bottles labeled with such recommendations as, “best served after dark,” or “best accompanied with classical music.” Can you imagine? Next time you ask for a recommendation, you could be including your taste in music and favorite color.


We have to say we like our wine anytime and anyplace but we won’t turn down a glass in the name of scientific research. Does your wine transform depending on your setting or do you think Professor Spence has a screw loose?