We’ve been drinking and enjoying beer since the dawn of time. However, there has always being one thing bothering us: the lack of protein in our brews. Sure, we could be 7 beers deep and loving life on any given Saturday night, but no matter what, those nights are never truly fulfilling. There is always a muscle shaped hole left in our inebriated hearts. But now, that hole is going to be filled. Introducing Supplemental Brewing, the first makers of protein beer.

These fitness conscious brewers have begun a Kickstarter campaign to get their two protein-packed stews into stores near you. The first of these creations is called Brewtein, an American Wheat Ale with 7 grams of whey protein and 5% alcohol. The second is NutriBeer, a light lager with 4 grams of protein, but less calories and carbs than Brewtein (not to mention less alcohol, at only 4%).

Before you get the wrong idea, these beverages are most likely not supposed to be consumed while you’re working out. That could get dangerous. But, when you’re feeling a little spent after a workout, one of these might be just what you’re craving. Or, you can just drink them to feel better about your drinking habit.

Is this starting to sound like something you’d want to have around? Then think about heading over to their Kickstarter and throwing them a couple bucks. Because how could you resist their witty slogan: where your workout meets your weekend.