giphy-4Physically going to the movie theater has become such a rare thing nowadays with the quick turnover from the box office to iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, etc. But picture having an iMAX screen in front of you, sitting in a recliner, and having dinner and drinks served to you. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Remember when movie theaters had those awful, uncomfortable chairs? And drinks were limited to sodas and Icee’s? Well, times have changed, my friend. And for the better.

Movie theaters have upped the anti with a whole new look and atmosphere. Complete with a full bar, food menu, and larger chairs (that also recline!). Here are a few theaters in Massachusetts where you can watch, eat, and get a ‘lil tipsy.

1. Chestnut Hill Showcase SuperLuxgiphy-5

With a full cocktail bar/lounge, restaurant, and complimentary popcorn, this place is made for the ultimate date night or GNO.

2. AMC Framingham Premium Cinema and Grille

Yeah, it’s a movie theater with a built in grille made for adults only (21 & up, HOLLA). No obnoxious teens or youngins to ruin your night out. Just recline and dine.

3. The Strand Movie House and Grille

Another theater with a built in restaurant, The Strand is a great place to go if you don’t want to pay $20 for the luxury theater experience. Here, it’s only $5.50 a movie plus 5 lb. burgers available and beer from Watchusett Country and Wormtown. It doesn’t get much better, folks.

4. Somerville Theatergiphy-6

Since 1914, this theater was one of the first in the area to serve wine and beer (the OG, if you will). Their selections include Harpoon Munich Dark– a rarity in its own. Matinees are only $7 and evening shows are $10.

So get off your couch and go see a movie on the big screen and get buzzed somewhere else besides your own living room (you know it’s about time).

Source: Thrillist