Anyone that has traveled abroad knows that after a few weeks away from the good ole’ US of A, you start to miss it like crazy. We get so accustomed to this way of life in America, the land of air conditioning and free refills. It is just not the same when you leave the country. The food is different, the culture is different, your whole environment has changed.

Sometimes, it is nice to get a little slice of America abroad. The Dow Jones Bar in Barcelona is the perfect place to go to when you want to pretend like you never left the land of the free. This bar is based on the American stock market, hence the name “Dow Jones Bar.” It is probably one of the only places in the world where a market crash is a good thing.

At this bar, the drinks are treated like stocks. From beers to mixed drinks to shots, the more a drink is purchased during a night, the more its price goes up, eventually causing a “market crash.” For instance if a group of fifteen people come in and all decide to get a pint of Fosters Lager at 5,50€, after they buy the drinks the price of Fosters will most likely rise to over 7€.

After a while, most of the drinks on the menu will have higher than normal prices, causing a crash in the market, making most of the drinks a lot cheaper than normal — a drinker’s paradise. They have tickers throughout the bar updating you constantly on the current prices of drinks.

Dow Jones also has TV’s throughout the bar to watch whatever sporting event happens to be going on while you are visiting. While the best part of traveling to a new country is oftentimes the chance to experience a culture different than your own, a visit to Dow Jones can give you a little taste of NYC all the way from Catalonia, Spain, an experience that definitely shouldn’t be missed.

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