forsaleAll signs formally turn towards spring this week as Denver’s Little Man Ice Cream and Fort Collins Brewery join forces to bring us a unique boozy treat. On April 21st, the group will launch “Brew Kitchen” at Modern Tavern in Fort Collins, Co. where this ice cream team will teach a master class on making the frozen dessert with beer. So if you’re into sweets and are currently in a craft beer craze, then this is the ultimate experience for you.

At the event, beer fans and ice cream lovers can sample Fort Collins Brewery beer-inspired indulgences during the principal phases of the freezing process. You’re probably wondering how this dynamic duo was able to find so many successful concoctions. Little Man’s operations manager Loren Martinez says “Phase I is like a science experiment.” He explains, “we have to figure out the contents of the alcohol and figure out how they react and interact when frozen and infused with heavy cream.”

Once the team conducts a couple of experiments, they’re finally able to discover the basic components of each flavor and beer, and are therefore able to create titillating tastes for us to enjoy. Fort Collins Brewery plans to offer Red Banshee, Shot Down Chocolate Stout, Major Tom’s Pomegranate Wheat and Hefeweizen during the confection celebration – not to mention an entire build-you-own-ice cream sandwich station. Sounds like heaven, if you ask us.

The event will be held April 21st 6 p.m. at Modern Tavern, the brewery’s community room at 1020 E. Lincoln Ave., Fort Collins. Entry will cost $35 per person and if you’re in the area, reservations can be made by calling 970-472-1499.