Just over a week ago, Gothamist posted 3 sandwich cocktail recipes; cheeseburger, BLT and PB&J. Initially after reading, I felt nauseous. Those items are meant to be chewed before swallowed.  But as the nausea subsided and I thought more about it, I genuinely became intrigued.


It brought me back to a conversation I had with friends this past Labor Day regarding a bag of cheeseburger flavored Doritos. At first, I was reluctant to give them a try but naturally, after a few beers, anything goes.


I was equally impressed and shocked at how much the chip tasted like an actual cheeseburger. The whole group agreed. Texture aside, it’d be tough to tell the difference. My friend ingeniously asked, “Do you think it’ll ever come to the point where we bite into a cheeseburger and say, wow this really tastes like a Dorito?”


After reading the recipes from Gothamist, it made me share his sentiment, do you think we’ll ever bite into a BLT and say wow this really tastes like that cocktail I had last night? Sounds far fetched, but is it?


The synching of dinner menus and cocktail menus is nothing new, but the popularity continues to grow. Chefs and mixologists alike are pulling out creations that I never thought were possible. Vodka flavors are endless and ingredients are entering my drink that I never even knew existed.


So, what’s next, drinkers? What do you want to see fill your glass? (or flavor your next Dorito?) Seems as though the sky’s the limit…