giphy-1Everyone has their favorite alcoholic beverage. What you probably didn’t know is that every mixie or shot has a certain reputation behind it. Check out some of the meanings associated with some of the most popular drinks (Thanks to BuzzFeed):


  • People drink it to feel cool and edgy
  • People who enjoy it can be perceived as weirdos, like people who own seven pet snakes

Beer & Shot

  • People who know how to enjoy life, or at least the night, chase a shot with beer
  • Perfect combo for dancing like no one is watching and befriending strangers

Bloody Mary

  • One word: BRUNCH (you either love it or you hate it, but it’s the epitome of a brunch beverage)
  • People enjoy the fact that it’s a healthy “meal” and alcohol combined


  • Celebrations
  • People who want to have a buzz before noon


  • 18 year olds who haven’t acquired a taste for beer yet
  • Gluten-free drinkers

Cosmos/Sex on the Beach

  • Sex and the City Carrie-wanna-be’s
  • People who order Sex on the Beach will never actually have sex on the beach IRL


  • For people who want to die

Gin & Tonic

  • Old white guys who have a solid amount of cash
  • People who love having deep, serious debates at the bar


  • Bros seeking other bro’s approvals
  • People who don’t want to remember their nights

Long Island Iced Tea

  • No f***s given, for when you have no time to waste
  • Say goodbye to remembering things, to knowing how to behave, to having any inhibitions at all


  • Perpetual spring breakers
  • For the parents when wine just isn’t going to cut it

Old Fashioned

  • People who are over 30 years old
  • For beloved grandpas who play card games

Red Bull Vodka

  • People who are young (and stupid)
  • If you’re over 25 and you still drink Red Bull Vodkas… Reevaluate.


  • Men
  • Money


  • People who want to have a night they won’t remember
  • Tequila shots are what you do ONLY when you’re already so drunk you can no longer experience pain


  • People who drink alone with no shame
  • People who drink box wine but put it in a fancy wine glass which now makes them appear classy
  • White girls