There was a bottle of wine that our significant other had “dibs” on. It was given to us by a friend who has a wine cellar — so it must be good? We had no clue about the vineyard it came from — California somewhere. It came in a foil bag with a card and, if memory serves me, a ribbon.


It had been in the pigeon hole for over a year.


When our thirst got the best of us a few weeks ago, we had no other choice then to open said “special wine.”


It was special, indeed. Very (very) good.


Also special was our S.O.’s reaction to the empty bottle.


“What were you saving it for?” was our defense. To date, we have not received a satisfactory response.


Today, we ask you. What are YOU saving that special bottle for? Do you have more than one? How long will you wait? And how mad will you be if someone other than you opens it?