Little known fact: August is National Picnic Month. We don’t really know who decides these things or why, but we like to just go with the flow and appreciate random silly holidays whenever possible. National Picnic Month is especially wonderful because you get to sit on a blanket outside and drink. Pretty nice way to spend a gorgeous summer day. Not every park allows alcohol though, so make sure you do your homework before you set up shop and get yourself in trouble. We found three awesome things that we think every picnic lover should have to make their experience that much better:
A Beer Holder
We found this gem on Etsy. Your beer is fine when it’s in your hand, but what happens when you want to put it down? If you don’t have something solid to stand it on, you end up trying to balance it in the bumpy grass, praying it won’t tip over. This beer holder sticks right in to the grass and will hold your beer without any trouble. It holds both bottles and cans, so no worries if you like to mix things up a little.

A Wine and Cheese Basket
Take your nice bottle of wine out of that ugly brown liquor store bag and put it in to this sweet little basket. It comes with everything you need, so all you need to remember is the wine (and the cheese, if you’re in to that sort of thing); it includes 2 wine glasses, 2 napkins, 1 cutting board, a cheese knife and a corkscrew. Bonus: The basket even has a wooden tabletop integrated in to it.

Picnic Basket Shot Glasses
These shot glasses are awesome because they really work for everyone. If you hate going on picnics but can appreciate their appeal, drink from your picnic basket shot glasses in the privacy of your own home. If you love picnics, enjoy the hilarity of being on a picnic and taking shots from shot glass.