Every kid should own a football jersey, especially if their team made it all the way to the Super Bowl. Kevin Zelko, a special education teacher, who also works as a beer vendor at Seahawks games, started collecting his tip money in an effort to buy every kid at Kimball Elementary a jersey. After the public caught wind of his effort, donations began flooding in and $20,000 later the kids will have jerseys to wear during the Super Bowl tomorrow night. This is why we always tip anyone who gives us beer.


It’s the number one rule at the party: never put your drink down. Never have your beer stolen again thanks to the Can Stamp. The genius invention is attaches to your keychain and marks a message on your can to let everyone know to keep their mitts off your brew. They have five different messages to choose from and at only $8, we think it’s a small price to pay to effectively mark your territory.


Hanson of Sonoma is an organic vodka distillery located right in the middle of Sonoma wine country. The brand recently caught our eye after winning a few spirits competitions. Hanson is a family owned distillery that makes their vodka from local grapes and organic ingredients, not to mention their bottles are awesome. Each one is checked, numbered and signed by the three brothers running the distillery. We can’t wait to try one of their many flavors: Cucumber, Ginger, Espresso, Mandarin and Boysenberry.


In Mississippi, a beer battle is making its way through the state legislature. Breweries are fighting for the right to be able to sell their brews on their home turf rather than ushering customers off to the closest liquor store. Mark Henderson, owner of Lazy Magnolia Brewery summed up the brewer’s side, “We get them to fall in love with the Sweet Potato Cream Stout and they go, ‘Alright, I’m sold. Where do I buy it?’ Well, if you want this you’ve got to go five miles this way’.” We’re always advocates for beers sold on site, we’re pulling for you Mississippi brewers.


For those who say good booze is a work of art, there’s a new artist on the scene and he is well versed. Michael Godard, a top selling Dutch artist, is releasing a new gin and vodka that will soon be available to the U.S. With original artwork on the individually numbered bottles, these are sure to stand out on the liquor store shelves. Both the gin and vodka will be 80 proof at about $35 a bottle.