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Today the United Nations celebrates World Water Day, which we fully support considering that our drinking habits just wouldn’t be possible with out it! Believe it or not, 60% of most spirits are made up simply of water. Not to mention we all know we could never survive a hangover without the proper hydration! Today we raise a glass to our favorite element and toast with this Watermelon Habañero H2O cocktail, to all those working towards water sustainability! And if this cocktail doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can also do your part to celebrate by saving water and drinking beer!

1 oz. Purity Vodka
1 cup diced watermelon
2 strips lime zest
1 thin slice habañero chile
1 pinch of salt
2 cups filtered water

Combine watermelon, lime zest, habañero, salt and water in a pitcher and refrigerate overnight. Strain water through a fine mesh strainer. In a glass fileld with ice combine 3 oz. of the infused water with 1 oz. of Purity Vodka, stir and enjoy! Recipe found here.