There is one cocktail that tastes delicious, is healthy, keeps you hydrated, and only has two main ingredients. Sound hard to believe? Its Vodka Water, and people are gulping it down at home, and at the bars.

1 Part Vodka
2 Parts Water

Fill a glass with ice, pour the vodka and water into the glass. Then you’re done. You can use anything to garnish; lemons are the most common. We like it stiff but you can adjust the vodka/water ratio to your liking.

The first time we heard about this we thought it was absurd, but if you like ice water, you will definitely like the taste of Vodka Water, and you’ll enjoy it guilt-free. You hold the calories of a mixer, and don’t need to take shots all night so you can pace yourself. Sounds good to us.

Have you tried it? Tell us what you think in the comments.