WalkingDeadBeerAMC’s The Walking Dead has been a huge hit and in preparation for the Season 4 finale on Sunday night, a zombie themed beer is in the works. Partnering with AMC, Dock Street Brewing Company is releasing a liquid tribute in the form of an American Pale Stout they dub Walker. The beer will be available Sunday at the brewery in West Philadelphia born and raised on the playground is where I spent most of my days, sorry off topic.


The beer is made from wheat, oats, flaked barley and cranberry and on the surface seems to be a pretty standard brew. What makes this concoction so fitting for this post-apocalyptic world is the blood red hue added from the cranberries and oh yeah did we mention it also contains real brains? Smoked goat brains were roasted over hot coals to give the brew a smoky flavor and an authentic zombie feel.


We’ve heard of tribute beers in the past as Brewery Ommegang has put out several beers in tribute of the HBO hit Game of Thrones and Marble Brewery released two brews in honor of Walt, Jesse, and the rest of the crew from Breaking Bad. We’ll try anything once but if we start developing goat-like behavior we’re coming after Dock Street Brewing.


How far would you go to pay tribute to your favorite show? Will you be picking up a six-pack of brains beer in honor of The Walking Dead?